The NFL wants to increase their fanbase in the UK. Our idea is to advertise the NFL as if it was a new drama.
People in the UK love their TV shows and box sets. The NFL is more than just a sport - it’s drama like no other.
The art direction will mimic drama series posters. We’ll turn football photography into dark and dramatic scenes that will capture the epic nature of the game.
Dashes of colour will bring out key features such as team jerseys.
For press, we’ll promote upcoming fixtures with the same epic treatment.
For activation, we’ll create an augmented reality experience allowing people to immerse themselves in the NFL at pubs during international series.
NFL helmets fitted with AR gear will allow people to find themselves in the body of an NFL player on the pitch, in the middle of a play. 
We’ll film this experience and use it as social content to help build interest in the league.
For tube takeovers, we’ll create special out-of-home formats to highlight the best moments from NFL games to get people excited about the sport.
This will be a good way to generate positive word-of-mouth. 
For digital screens such as in the tube, we can demonstrate in a fun way the epic nature of the NFL.
For original formats, we can be creative to break through the clutter of typical sports promotions and visuals. 
Behavioural retargeting banners and tactical banners.
Social media sponsored posts will be based on people’s interests.
On Spotify, we’ll create audio ads using sounds from the game, making them sound as if they were action scenes taken from a TV drama.
The voiceover artist will have the typical deep voice used in movie trailers. 
On Twitter, we can target people talking about drama shows by sending them personalised messages inviting them to start watching some even more gripping NFL.
Every week we’ll create unique content to promote the upcoming fixtures. This can be done in various formats such as video, animated GIFs, and static images. In the lead-up to the start of the season, we can introduce a different team each day through short videos. Presenting the ‘cast’ will help fans pick a team to get behind.
On Instagram, we’ll create a special page for the campaign to allow people to discover the most epic drama that happens in every square of the pitch.
We’ll create a range of filters that Snapchat users can add to their photos. They will be able to choose
the gear of any of the NFL teams and share it with their friends, thus making them epic; and mostly very shareable.
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