Ever since I saw Elizabeth Resnick's powerful Graphic Imperative Exhibition,
it has inspired me to make my own personal or social statements with art.
Our drug dependence.
With no advertising major available, I taught myself the industry by reading a lot of books and doing my own campaigns.
I created this Barbara Kruger-isc poster to remind me of all the good advice I learned.
Government incompetence over Hurricane Katrina.
Kyoto Now is a student-led movement which leads American universities to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Help Darfur Piece by Peace.
How Islamism is infiltrating Europe: reproduction.
Me Me Me! America is all about me!
Not everything has to be big. Stamps are another way to make a statement.
Here, the power of American consumption. Can you guess all the brands?
How do you get people to donate blood during the holiday season?
The hands are cut from a real band-aid.
The 'Give life' series, an all-season campaign: Life is beautiful. Life is blood. Blood is beautiful, too.
Editorial illustration 1: Missiles Sold Online.
Editorial illustration 2: Steroids in Baseball.
Editorial illustration 3: Online Identity Theft.
Stop smoking. 
Quite disturbing and grotesque to imagine your own teeth treated this way.
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