Number 1 Chinese Kitchen is Broomfield's first Chinese restaurant, and still the best.
Element Travel is a full-service tour operator that provides authentic and distinct travel experiences for Chinese travelers to Europe.
Oliver is an integrated communications agency in London. 
The 'R' is based on our model of being 'one foot forward' with specialized teams onsite in clients' offices.
Oliver & Learn is the charitable foundation of the Oliver agency based on providing education for disadvantaged people.
Lettuce is a new restaurant concept in China that offers quick and healthy food choices for young professionals.
A modern redesign for CCNY, a conservative non-profit that provides grants for the advancement of knowledge.
Emke is a women's fashionable gloves company with touch screen functionality, targeted to young working professionals.
Intensiti is a new identity for a fitness center that appeals to everyone.
A speedy and fun wireless brand.
Give Change is a non-profit online marketplace that collects and consolidates donations from general internet users.
New identity for a friendly and personable prints store in Saint Louis.
A life-coaching practice for women, Intuitive symbolizes the return of strength 
(circular movement), friendships (2 figures), courage (yellow), and passion (flame).
Wurk is an exclusive business center that offers spacious, collaborative and dynamic professional environments.
A young, hip leisure facility.
A national wireless brand that offers elite service.
Bluehill is a real estate and hotel investment business focused on eco-friendly sustainability and tranquil relationships.
A martial arts studio with three trainers who wanted a design that is subtle, simple and balanced.
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