Little Black Typography book.
Shop for Health.
Wire-bound and small enough to put into a handbag, this book is meant for easy and effortless use.
Quick Fact is compelling scientific evidence behind proper nutrition, giving you more reason to eat better foods.
The serving and portion sizes are extremely important because many people unknowingly overestimate how much they should eat.
Map of how you should navigate yourself in the grocery store.
Within the book, the Nutrition Key is a typographical system to clearly indicate each food’s unique nutritional value.
A customized shopping list is attached at the end of the book, which can be brought to the store separately.
The process.
Little Red Book on Madame Mao plays on the tension between her love of drama and her love of politics.

Colour spreads are Madame Mao’s fantasy of the ideal for Communist China, manifested through lofty theatre. These spreads are paired with her own quotes.
Black and white spreads portray stark and horrifying reality. The ideal is far from the truth.
Ironic how she called herself the tragic heroine, when she caused speechless tragedy for the people.
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