Brief: GAP wanted to launch in China. Just at a time when western brands were failing to localize and assuming global work would do well for Chinese consumers, we needed to credibly establish this iconic American fashion brand in a heavily saturated retail market.

Pitching-winning idea: 'Let's GAP Together' positions the brand as a liberator representing values that crossed cultural boundaries, by simply bringing the best of the East and West together in a simple yet memorable execution. This was first advertising campaign in the market to have worked with Chinese and American celebrities this way.

Results: This five-year launch campaign brought the brand to the top of the competition
and brand awareness increased from 15 to 80 percent.

Photographers (Annie Leibovitz shot the campaign).




The future's children: girls, not boys.

Gap opened its flagship store in Shanghai's busiest shopping streets, and the work went live strategically through the different tiers, 
making this one of the most successful and recognizable campaigns in China's advertising history.
The blue lights came from the initial pitch idea of wrapping the store with jeans.
What followed was an entire e-commerce infrastructure ',' which continues to lure buyers
from China's 533 million strong online citizens. 
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