Brief: MHG needed to go big & bold to be able to sustain hotel guest numbers in times of economic downfall. 
Idea: During a recession, people after a while start to get fed up with all the negative media focus and doom & gloom thinking. They often look for positive outlets, reasons to have fun, and to confront the problems full-on by giving them the victorious big finger. 'Fuck the Recession' is a celebration of still being in control and treating yourself in times of deflation. Because, attitude is everything. 

'Recessison' let the Morgan audience know they deserved a 'recess' with Morgans, and to not let fear rule their lives.

T-shirts worn by staff in San Francisco and NYC, which were bestsellers at the hotels a year after the economic crisis.
Fun trolley and other disruptive ambient and guerrilla tactics.
The website's filled with consumer-generated content and aggregated suggestions on ways that visitors can cope with the recession while still having a bit of recess.
Amidst difficult financial times, this controversial campaign generated press in over 30 of the industries' most influential websites like Adweek and Argos Media.

Launch film on the Hudson River.

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