3M wanted an integrated campaign to show that Command Strips are the better and damage-free way of hanging frames on walls.
They wanted to become a more emotionally-driven brand without losing the practical benefit.
Command products are changing the way we see walls. Their simplicity and ease of use encourage us to play, create and explore with a wall’s possibilities.
A wall changes from a functional structure into a blank canvas ready to be transformed into something special. 
This advert ran across EMEA and has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube.
‘A whole wall of possibilities’ is the creative platform for experiential/PR, outdoor, digital, and POS.

The idea for a content film, hang it right, clearly demonstrates the benefits of Command strips over nails and screws with a compelling visual twist.
This was a finalist in The Drum Chip Shop Awards' 'best rejected concept' last year.

Reactive tactical ad running the day article 50 was triggered in the UK. This was commended in this year's Chip Shop Awards.
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