Brief: 3M wanted to show Command Strips are the better and damage-free way of hanging frames on walls. They wanted to demonstrate their functional superiority in a more relatable and everyday manner.
Pitching-winning idea: A wall is a blank canvas, full of new possibilities. The simplicity and ease of Command Strips encourage us to play, create and explore new things. A wall can change from a trivial functional structure into a blank canvas and artwork ready to be transformed into something special, personal and more importantly: flexible & ever-changing.
Results: The advert ran across EMEA and has been viewed over 1.8 million times on YouTube.

'A whole wall of possibilities' is the creative platform for experiential/PR, outdoor, digital, and POS.

Brief: Show people that using Command is better than screws or nails when hanging frames on their walls.

Idea: Hang without harming your walls

Results: This was the finalist in The Drum Chip Shop Awards' 'best rejected concept' last year.

Idea: Reactive tactical ad running the day article 50 was triggered in the UK. 
Results: This was commended in this year's Chip Shop Awards.
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