The Starbucks Chilled Classics range needed a big idea to relaunch across EMEA and the Middle East. 
This range is a simple twist on their hot coffee favourites, which are true classics around the world.
Big idea: coffee you love, with a twist.
Our concept is printed upside down to create intrigue and interest. 
In Starbucks, we can use the coffee sleeves to let people know that there's a delicious chilled version of the coffee they're drinking
available in the supermarket chiller. To increase trial among Starbucks aficionados, we can also include a special offer. 
Lift doors in places like supermarkets are the perfect place to show the product in a fun and captivating way. 
With the new taxes on plastic bags in the UK and in other countries around Europe, tote bags are an ideal giveaway for the on-the-go shopper. 
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