Brief Barclays needed to build momentum around Fee Free Fridays, where event tickets come with no extra fees.
Pitching-winning Idea Through Flo our virtual cashier bot, you get at-the-door prices at your fingertips. No hefty charges & the need for queuing up outside.
Results This piece of work won the agency retainer on the Barclaycard account.
On Fridays, Flo appears in banners where she opens her ticket office & invites you to choose events you're interested in.
Through behavioral retargeting and tracking your online cookies, Flo can always tailor banner messages relevant to your interests.
A booking engine api allows you to book tickets directly with Facebook payments. 

Relevant & targeted sponsored posts created from Facebook data.

On FB, Flo messages on Fridays to remind you to book your FFF tickets.

You can directly book an event while chatting with Flo.

On Fridays, Flo turns the Barclaycard landing page into her booth, where her blinds come up over the whole browser window.
Every Friday she tweets like a little demon & if you hashtag #FFF, Flo will share tailored event recommendations through social listening.

Flo's weekly emails sum up how much money you've saved on potential fees through funny examples such as 37 packets of wasabi peas.

Flo charms mundane mailer paper statements by turning the envelope’s window into her booth.
See Flo flexing her biceps during preroll while inviting you to book tickets to Birmingham's Bodypower Show.

Flo parodying entertainers like Robbie Williams’ let me entertain you.

On Fridays, bus stop digital posters turn into Flo’s cashier booth where Flo can let bystanders know about events nearby.
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