Brief: Barclaycard needed to build momentum around their Fee Free Fridays, where you book
events tickets on the same day with no extra fees, cutting out some hefty charges for the user.
Pitching-winning idea: At-the-door prices, at your fingertips. Booking through Fee Free Fridays means you pay the same lower at-the-door price while it gives you the reassurance you can actually attend the event instead of impatiently queuing up outside.
We created a friendly and outgoing character named Flo, a virtual cashier that gives at-the-door prices for Fee Free Friday.
On Fridays, Flo appears in banners where she opens her ticket office and invites you to choose events you're interested in. 
Simply click on the category of event you're into and you're redirected to The Ticket Factory’s website with the relevant content
For behavioural retargeting, we track your online cookies and serve you messages relevant to your interests.
Here's week 1 and month 2 banners.
Flo comes to life on Facebook via a page specially for her where she posts about upcoming events on Fridays. We also incorporate a booking engine api allowing you to book tickets directly with Facebook payments. 
Relevant and targeted sponsored posts based on your interests and locations is created using Facebook data.
A bot that allows you to converse with Flo anytime you want, where you can discover upcoming events,
ask for recommendations, and chat about other entertainment-related topics.
The bot is used on Facebook Messenger where Flo can send you a message on Fridays to remind you to book your Fee Free Friday tickets. Your conversation feed with Flo appears in your messenger app page, like all other conversations with friends. She's also able to send notifications to your home screen. 
If you find an event you're interested in booking while chatting with Flo, you can do so directly within messenger.
On Fridays, Flo takes over the landing page on the Barclaycard website. When arriving on the page, you can see blinds
coming up over the whole browser window, as if Flo was opening her booth. Once open you can converse with her.
Flo appears in a little pop-up chat window in the right hand corner of the Barclaycard landing page on The Ticket Factory website. 
Every Friday shetweets like a little demon about upcoming events and, through social listening, she also gives you tailored event recommendations. Flo makes suggestions if you also tweeted about events that you're interested in with the hashtag #FFF. 
We send out weekly emails where Flo will give personalised event suggestions and a roundup of the latest events. She also sums up how much money you've saved on potential fees, and give funny examples of what those savings could have bought.
Flo charmingly appears on your mailer paper statements as if the envelope’s window is her booth.
Pre-rolls relate to the entertainment, so if it's a bodybuilding video, you can see Flo flexing her biceps while inviting you to book tickets to Birmingham's Bodypower Show. A clickable area allows you to directly access the relevant event page on The Ticket Factory.
Why limit Flo to the role of cashier when she could be an entertainer in her own right? Flo can parody artists and other entertainers - like Robbie Williams’ let me entertain you. This fun and shareable content can live on YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat.
As a stunt, on given Fridays bus stop digital posters turn into Flo’s digital cashier booth. A real live actor animates Flo and start talking to random bystanders where they can ask her about events taking place nearby and book tickets online.
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